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Mother Divided..

August 2, 2017
 So it finally happened... today my daughter told me something about how shes feeling... "You always spend time with Emmett, never me" not angrily, but sorrowfully. When I was pregnant with Emmett I was a bit concerned about the adjustment from one to two kids. I knew I would be frazzled and physically tired. But what I was mainly concerned about was my little girl. The little girl that had five years of just me and her. Five years of my undivided attention, five years of undivided love. I was sad when I thought about the adjustment she was going to have to go through. I never ever wanted her to feel unloved, unimportant, or second to the baby. My girl has big emotions she has a big heart and that kind of hurt inside I never wanted her to feel. Today, I am tired. Today at bedtime when she asked as she does every night for me to snuggle her in her bed, I really didn't want to. I wanted to go snuggle my own bed alone and sleep. I wanted to relax. But then tho…

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